Discounts for Visiting Duluth: Deals and coupons for families & visitors

Insider Look on Duluth Discounts & Coupons!
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So you’re heading to beautiful Lake Superior at the start of the North shore. What things to do in Duluth shouldn’t you miss? And more importantly, how can you get a great deal on them?

The Must See Duluth Pass

  1. Looking at visiting Duluth? This one ticket offers the city by rail and water – over and under. This discounted package gets you into three great attractions. You’re enjoying the  Great Lakes Aquarium, onto a Vista Fleet sightseeing boat for the best views and riding the historic trains of the North Shore Scenic Railroad.What makes this especially great for folks with kids is that it is PARK ONCE / ENJOY 3 — meaning families can walk to all three attractions. Can’t beat the ease., duluth discounts coupons deals attractions

This discounted package includes three attractions for less than the price of two.

Valid throughout the entire 2017 season, the pass allows families to take in the attractions as they like – all in one day or over multiple visits to Duluth.

Purchase tickets online at or at each of the participating attractions. And the discounts are significant. Must See Duluth pass holders save more than $18 per adult and more than $12 per child.

Must See  Duluth Pass Individual Tickets Total
Adult: $36 Adult: $52.50
Child: $16 Child: $28.50
  1. Northland Coupon Book, duluth discounts coupons deals attractions When it comes to Duluth Deals, there ‘s an entire book of them! You can print out coupons online  HERE  or pick up this handy pamphlet at the Vista Fleet — by the waterfront behind the convention center called the DECC.

The book features discounts on dining, attractions, lodging — even shopping. It’s the Duluth bible for every thrifty traveler and savvy mom.








  1. VisitDuluth Hot Deals

    Also, It’s worth a click over to see what’s cooking on VisitDuluth Hot Deals. You never know which Duluth thing to do will be on special or discounted from one day to the next., duluth discounts coupons deals attractions

  2.  Duluth Visitor Coupon Book

Lastly, check out the Duluth Visitor Coupon Book to see what deals are out available for the 2017 summer season in Duluth., duluth discounts coupons deals attractions