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Weddings in Duluth MN – Options for Your Special Day

With all the focus on destination weddings to places like the Bahamas and Aruba, weddings in Duluth often don’t receive the attention they deserve. However, at Vista Fleet, we believe weddings in Duluth can be some of the most unique and memorable out there. If you’re a Minnesota resident looking for a reasonable and luxurious wedding package, Vista Fleet is here for you.


Our Packages

Vista Fleet offers four wedding packages to fit your needs. Each is built around our sunset dinner cruise and encourages a small, intimate wedding. If you have a guest list of 20 or less, we can still make your wedding day feel like a huge party with our Silver package. If you’d like to invite more guests, our Gold and Platinum packages accommodate between 20 and 45 people on the dinner cruise.


Make It a Blowout Event

Part of what makes a wedding perfect is the people who attend. If you have a long guest list, you shouldn’t be forced to pare it down simply to fit a certain venue. Vista Fleet’s exclusive Diamond package allows you to enjoy the beauty and serenity of our dinner cruise while accommodating 75-220 people. The Diamond package includes a ceremony aboard the vessel, a catered dinner, and cake. Additionally, you get a private three-hour charter. This ensures you have the boat to yourself for a full night of dancing and celebrating.


Feel Like a Queen

Cruise-based weddings often get a bad reputation for not being elegant. Wedding parties assume trying to dance, eat, or hold a meaningful ceremony on a boat will be awkward. Our Queen wedding package defies all these concerns. It’s built for wedding parties of 36 or less, and the focus is making the bride feel like the elegant star of her wedding day. If you’re seeking a classy, traditional wedding with a more formal dinner and party, the Queen package may be right for you.


Customized Cruise

Weddings should always feel personal, but venue packages sometimes take the spotlight away from your special touches. At Vista Fleet, we work hard to ensure this isn’t an issue. Each of our wedding packages can be customized to fit your theme, music, and other aspects of your wedding. Whether you want a full traditional Catholic mass or a casual civil ceremony, we can make it work for you. We’re also prepared to cover every theme, from fairytale fantasy to country chic.


Other Related Events

Most weddings in Duluth have a host of events connected to them, including engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and bachelor / bachelorette parties. Even if you choose not to have your ceremony with us, we’re available for any of your wedding-related events. Allow the fresh air of Lake Superior to whet your wedding party’s appetite for the rehearsal dinner, or give your bridesmaids a romantic and unique bridal shower aboard our gorgeous vessels.


Contact Us

Our diverse wedding packages are only available from June through September, so contact us now to book your spot. When you send us a wedding inquiry, we’ll set up a private consultation so we can learn exactly what you want your wedding day to look like. Vista Fleet promises to make your dreams a reality.