Tall Ships Duluth 2016: 10 Things to Do While You Visit Duluth


Every August, people flock from all over the country to see the tall ships. Duluth, MN hosts this amazing event, referred to as the “greatest spectacle in Lake Superior.” The four-day festival is full of family-friendly activities. While you’re there, don’t miss out on all Duluth has to offer. Check out these attractions between tall ship sightings this year.


  1. Feast Your Eyes on the World’s Largest Rubber Duck


This year, Duluth will host “The Big Duck,” which is the world’s largest rubber duck. Using one of the world’s largest lakes as its bathtub, the Big Duck will be an homage to conserving our country’s natural resources and raising awareness about the ducklings who call Lake Superior home.


  1. Ride in a Viking Warship


In 2016, tall ships in Duluth will have the honor of hosting Draken Harald, a genuine reconstruction of a Viking warship. Duluth will be one of the ship’s stops in its journey across the world, having departed from Norway in April. Festival participants will have the opportunity to climb aboard and even ride the ship as it ends its transatlantic journey in Duluth in August.


  1. Visit Enger Tower


Now that you’re in the Scandinavian spirit, there’s plenty more to see and do in Duluth. Check out Enger Park and its famous 80-foot tower, which a Norwegian royal couple first dedicated in 1939. Enjoy the view across the Twin Ports, and learn more about one of Duluth’s most famous patrons: Bert Enger.


  1. Take a Lakeview Jaunt


If you want to take in the beauty that Minnesota has to offer, pencil in time for a hike along the Duluth Lake Walk. This scenic route offers unrivaled views of the tall ships as well as a welcome reprieve from the urban city center. Stop along the way at one of Duluth’s charming pubs or ice cream parlors.


  1. Try Your Luck at Agate Hunting


Lake Superior is known for its gorgeous rock beaches and agates, which are a kind of quartz. Agates don’t look like much from the outside, but split them open, and you’ll be rewarded by a dazzling display of translucent color. Sending your kids hunting for agates on Duluth’s beaches can keep them occupied for hours.


  1. Visit the Great Lakes Aquarium


Ever wonder what’s going on under those pristine lake waters? Thanks to the Great Lakes Aquarium, you can see for yourself! This entirely freshwater aquarium focuses on the rich biodiversity that thrives in the Great Lakes. Learn about the glacier and lava flows that were responsible for creating the water that bring the tall ships to Duluth each year.


  1. Sip at Canal Park Brewing Company


Minnesota has a proud history of serving up quality, small batch beer. Take in the food and drink at Canal Brewing Company, where large windows offer panoramic views of the lake and the tall ships within. If you’re craving the lake breeze on your face while you eat, ask for porch seating.


  1. Take in the Additional Festival Entertainment


Each year, Tall Ships Duluth serves up plenty of options to keep you entertained without leaving the grounds. These attractions include a full lineup of entertainers and musicians as well as plenty of local food and drinks. Though this year’s acts have yet to be announced, you’ll have fun walking through venues, watching incredible performers, and sampling the fare.


  1. Visit the Lake Superior Railroad Museum


As a northern destination, settlers relied heavily on the railroad system to ensure they had everything needed to make it through harsh winters. Learn all about Duluth’s rich railroad history in this interactive museum, which includes a collection of train models from the 1800s and 1900s. You can even take a train ride around Lake Superior!


  1. Stop in for a Concert at the Convention Center


Duluth’s Convention Center is action packed with concerts, plays, and sporting events. Find out what’s going on during your stay. This city offers lots of fun and plenty to keep you entertained after seeing amazing tall ships in Duluth.