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Things to Do in Duluth, MN – Nearby Attractions

If you’re visiting Duluth, we definitely want you to join Vista Fleet for an unforgettable Vista Fleet Lake Tour. However, you might wonder if there are things to do in Duluth, MN before or after your cruise. Duluth boasts several attractions tailored to any group or interest. Whether you’re a couple seeking romance, a family seeking a fun vacation, or a senior in need of a getaway, we have attractions you’ll love.


Great Lakes Aquarium

One of the best parts about visiting Duluth is getting to know our marine life and geographical layout. The Great Lakes Aquarium provides opportunities to do both; you may need more than one visit to take in every glorious sight and sound. Our aquarium is home to 230 species of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. We host several interesting creatures, such as stingrays, sharks, and coral from reefs around the world.

Unlike other aquariums, where tourists simply walk around looking at exhibits, the Great Lakes Aquarium is highly hands-on. You can feed and interact with several species, touch geologic structures, and learn about the relationships between humans and marine life. We highly recommend Shipwrecks Alive, an exhibit that shows marine species making fully functioning habitats from old shipwrecks.


Tall Ships Duluth

Minnesota’s nickname is Land of 1,000 Lakes, and along with lakes, we have plenty of ships. If someone in your family is a ship buff or you want to learn more about nautical life, Tall Ships Duluth is the attraction for you. Tall Ships Duluth invites visitors to partake in several one-of-a-kind activities, such as riding in a real Viking warship. The attraction has also been home to the world’s largest rubber duck, a mascot that helps raise awareness of the best way to use our lakes’ natural resources.

If your family loves the beach, Tall Ships Duluth invites you to take a lake view stroll and hunt for agates and quartz along the shores. These stones are among the most beautiful the United States has to offer, especially when split open to reveal their translucent beauty.


Lake Superior Railroad Museum

Duluth may be famous for lakes and ships, but we also love our railroads. The Lake Superior Railroad Museum is the perfect place to take someone who loves trains as much as we do. The museum is highly interactive, known to keep tourists of all ages entertained while they learn about railroad history. It’s also home to a huge collection of trains built in the 19th and 20th centuries. Cap your visit with a train ride around Lake Superior.


Convention Center Entertainment

The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center is one of our most popular destinations, conveniently located near Canal Park. It hosts many exciting events each year, including concerts, sporting events, and plays. If you are a theater aficionado, check out the schedule for the Duluth Playhouse, also affiliated with the Convention Center. Call box offices to learn what’s playing during your stay, and plan the most entertaining evening on your itinerary.


Beer Tastings

If you and your partner need a relaxing evening for adults only, we recommend taking in a beer tasting at Canal Park Brewing Company. The small, intimate brewery offers food and drink, including tastes of home-based small-batch beer. Ask for front porch seating during your meal and tasting so you can enjoy the lake breeze and take in the beautiful lake views.


The S.S. William A. Irving

If your family likes historic tours, you’ll love the William A. Irving. Located near Canal Park, this ship spent 50 years carrying coal and iron ore for U.S. Steel; it served as the company’s flagship. The William A. Irving also hosted distinguished U.S. Steel guests in four luxury cabins and entertained those guests in a luxurious dining room and lounge. Tour the ship, taking in its historical detail and beautiful wood fixtures, for glimpse into the past.